How to have a healthier family Easter

29 Mar 2019

Sharing treats is necessary fun for many families, but a balanced approach can make for a very happy Easter. Long lasting memories are formed around people and experiences, which means we can create them around healthier foods and activities too!

While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a chocolate egg at Easter, it is easily overdone with supermarkets full of chocolate displays and sugary gifts from everyone you see over the holidays.

Being mindful about the excess and trying some new activities or healthy snacks can keep everyone happy and healthy these holidays.

Here’s some ideas to have a healthier Easter break:

  • Get everyone in the kitchen to make homemade treats to share like bliss balls or carrot cake.
  • Use plastic egg cases to include small toys, stickers or notes as part of the Easter garden egg hunt.
  • Make and decorate devilled eggs to give to others.
  • Buy gifts for outdoor activities instead of chocolates. A set of cricket stumps, balls, a fishing rod or skateboard will encourage children to be active and will last a lot longer.

Camping can be an inexpensive holiday, perfect for unplugging devices and enjoying family time. The benefits of being outdoors and daily physical activity is a given. If you can’t get 

  • away for a holiday, plan some early picnic dinners, find a new park for play or explore the dunes at a beach.
  • Get the kids to help plan a bushwalk on a map, pack some wet weather gear and packed lunches in backpacks and explore your local trails.

Healthy picnic and camping food ideas that travel well:

  • Overnight Oats
  • Platters of cut up salad vegetables, dips, cold meats and cheese
  • Marinated chicken drumsticks and rice salad
  • Roast vegetable frittata
  • Thermos flasks filled with beef stew or chicken noodle soup
  • Savoury muffins

You don’t have to go without chocolate to stay healthy this Easter. Enjoy your favourite chocolate (mindfully) then get outdoors to create some special family memories. A little movement, good food and shared experiences will ensure a happy and healthy Easter holiday.