It's time for a little Santa joy!

News| 10th November 2020
It's time for a little Santa joy!
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2020 has been a little different - but we wanted to keep one thing (almost!) the same - our yearly photos with Santa!

This year we are offering a ‘COVID-Safe Santa Experience’ with protective measurements in place, so your family can still enjoy a magical Christmas experience and have a photo with Santa.


STRICTLY NO WALK-IN’S. Shoppers are encouraged to arrive ON TIME (not early or late) for their booking to avoid line-ups and crowds at the Santa setting.

To make a booking - please click here. All pricing (including necessary fees) are shown on the booking page.

Santa sessions will begin from Monday the 7th of December. Santa will be visiting at the following session times:

Monday 7 December: 12pm - 4pm

Tuesday 8 December: 12pm - 4pm

Wednesday 9 December: 12pm - 4pm

Thursday 10 December: 12pm - 4pm

Friday 11 December: 12pm - 4pm / 5pm - 7pm

Saturday 12 December: 10am - 4pm

Sunday 13 December: 10am - 4pm

Monday 14 December: 12pm - 4pm

Tuesday 15 December: 12pm - 4pm

Wednesday 16 December: 12pm - 4pm

Thursday 17 December: 12pm - 4pm

Friday 18 December: 12pm - 4pm / 5pm - 7pm

Saturday 19 December: 10am - 4pm

Sunday 20 December: 10am - 4pm

Monday 21 December: 12pm - 4pm

Tuesday 22 December: 12pm - 4pm

Wednesday 23 December: 12pm - 4pm

Thursday 24 December: 12pm - 4pm

Our Santa photos will be taken by the lovely Tess from Contessa Photography, continuing the tradition every year for the last 10 years. She will be implementing a number of precautions to operate in a COVID-safe way. Some of the precautions include:

  • All session times are to be booked by the online platform. NO bookings will be taken at the Santa setting. We encourage payment to be made at the time of booking.
  • A maximum of six sessions will be offered per hour. Each session time will go for 5 - 7 minutes to ensure there is time to clean all equipment used by the previous booking.
  • Social distancing must be practised at all time and masks must be worn (if mandated at the time) until the photo is about to be taken.
  • Sanitiser is provided on entry.
  • Children will not touch Santa or be sitting on Santa’s knee. We encourage children to wave at Santa and speak to him from the recommended distance of 1.5 metres. Children will be seated in front of Santa for the photo, with 1.5 metres distance between. Santa will be seated the whole time.
  • Additional staff will be employed during busy periods to maintain social distancing if required when shoppers are lining up, as well as extra cleaning and disinfecting when necessary.

If you have any questions regarding our COVID-safe Santa experience, please don’t hesitate to call our Centre Management Office on 03 5023 7177.

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