Thank you everyone!

31 Jan 2020

We are happy to announce that our participating locally owned retailers were able to raise a total of $1,178 for the Salvation Army Disaster Appeal!

A huge thank you to Sandwich Chefs, SurfCrew, 48 Select, Kebab King, Hudaks, Oriental Cuisine, The Central Grind and Sunglass City for donating a portion of their sales from Sunday the 12th of January - Saturday the 18th of January towards this worthy cause.

To add to this donation, Mildura Central will be donating a dollar for every dollar donated by our locally owned retailers - bringing the amount to $2,356.

This amount will be added to the donations made by the owners of our Telstra store who kindly donated $2000 as well as Aniki Sushi who have donated $500, therefore the total amount now stands at $4,856 which we believe is a huge success for our Centre and our participating retailers.

We are proud to support the Salvation Army Disaster Appeal to raise money for those affected by the recent bushfires.